Monday, January 19, 2009

chinese dragon head/puppet

My sister and I were sitting in the tea house when I thought of it. She was relating a story of being in San Francisco for the Chinese New Year.

"They were showing up everywhere, like people could just run inside and grab them like fire extinguishers. In Case of Spontaneous New Year Parade Break Glass and Rally Several Other People To Dance Under Dragon."

I imagined a different scenario wherein fireworks light the sky and a young man is playing video games. His grandmother enters, bathed in light from another room and demands in thick Chinese that he get up immediately and dust off the family dragon for parading.
He respond plaintively that he is 50 hours into gameplay and can't he do it later-
No he can not get it later. Centuries of history, suffering, pearls woven into the lining of clothes, continents have been crossed and he must rally those lazy cousin of his and dance under the family dragon.

Abruptly I glanced into my future, six months to three years. I saw myself laying on a lawn, legs protruding from soft streamers and gold embroidery, head and upper section obscured by the dragon. I saw myself shouting and ordering people I barely knew to Get Under This Dragon With Me. I heard people preparing for a party and saw myself trying to cram the head into my basket.

I decided this must happen. I will become the dragon.


morgan said...

did I ever tell you how when I was seven or so I had a Lochness Monster themed birthday party, and my Mother helped me make a giant chinese-dragon-style Nessie using paper mache, and a plastic waste bin, that me and my friends paraded around the front yard in the middle of that frosty New England January afternoon, while banging on tambourines and things? Well, it happened.

suzette. said...

if i were half the man i say i am, i would make an obama dragon.