Saturday, February 21, 2009


This is a link to my Mom's Blog.

Please don't use any of my mom's blog to find out secret information about me. You don't really want my identity. Not on paper anyway.
I believe she and I agreed I would be evermore referred to as 'Rosencrantz' in her re-tellings. But if you try to steal my identity I will steal your face off your face bones.

Instead I encourage you to buy her book (found here at and rediscover Christ/Cats/Cats.

When asked to describe this book I always say, "Cat Mysteries. Mysteries that cats solve."

In reality it think it's more about relationships, miracles and cats that are enchanted. I really hope the next book is about cats that solve mysteries. Lillian Jackson Braun has got to be close to a hundred and my mom had lunch with her once. To me, this equates to Passing The Globus Cruciger, MOM! This is America. You have to TAKE what you want!

I want a trust fund!

(The drawings of me in the above photos are not accurate representations of me as a child because I am not fat in them. Also, I had a bowl haircut.)

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