Monday, February 23, 2009

plaid fairy

Recently I went to Cari's party to celebrate Oregon's 150th birthday. The attendees were encouraged to dress in Plaid and/or Flannel. Two of my housemates also attended and I ran into them at the fire pit outside.

The question arose:

Nick and Tom were referring to the person who left two flannel shirts and a plaid vest on the dining room table that morning in preparation/to clothe the un-flanneled.

I should have responded thusly:

But I wasn't. I was the one who told Morgan (<-SCROLL DOWN) about Tom and Nick's feelings of flannel deficiency/cross-hatch inadequacy.

Then god sent punks to steal Nick's flask. And Cari felt really bad about it because she knows how much Nick likes bourbon.

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Bowen said...

Woah, Alexi's in that band! Say hi to him for me! Sorry for having so many friends!