Monday, February 16, 2009


Arguments on forking 150+ dollars over for a custom bag:
1)I'm for buying the good, expensive thing that will last for a long time.
2)If someone jax this I can easily find them.
3) Black Star Bags was open on Christmas Eve, four blocks from my home, when I stopped in at the end of one of my Too Cheap to Pay Bus Fare/Too Cold to Wait For The Bus walks. Keeping the same hours as I do can easily endear and is hopelessly worthy of reward.
4)Ashleigh wants to buy Eamz pumps. And I think that's wonderful.
5)Most importantly, this kind of messenger bag wraps itself around the wearer like a Hug That Never Ends.

I have illustrated below:

Oh I'm sure there are other reasons for the continuing self-confidence/desire to go places alone. BUT the Hug That Never Ends is no doubt a factor. Many people have warned me that this bag will only increase the probable likelihood I will take on too many projects and eventually be smothered beneath the weight of responsibility and malicious inanimate planning. To them I have this to say: "It is a growing a soul. I am both frightened and delighted/making this up."

Waiting for the train one morning, leaning into my bicycle frame, I felt the sort of support I'd always wanted.

An old journal entry reads: "Sometimes it feels like only inanimate objects are on my side." And the theme continues.


Bowen said...

When I was in San Francisco in September on my way down I bought a friends' housemates' friend's bike messenger style fanny pack (LOL). Do they still wear those in portland? Anyway what I mean is I feel you. It's like the when you're dancing and someone's hands are uncomfortably on your waist that never ends.

As long as you're dipping toes in this big kids' club, don't forget your golden arm dispatching cards:

nowak said...

that bag is fantastic. inatimate objects don't sleep with your friends or forget to call or generally act like jerk-offs. MORE INATIMATE OBJECTS! I miss you.

Cari said...

Cari said...

Also, I like the picture of you and your bike very much.