Sunday, March 22, 2009

good at everything

I made this poster for a show I'm putting together for my friend Jeremy of Shearing Pinx. It's a gnome. I think the moral of this story is: If you piss off a gnome he will burn down his own forest just to spite you. FYI - this is true for me as well.

When I put this up on my flickr account I saw my friends had uploaded the weekend's photos of them having fun. I can't believe how square I am now. I'm just so pleased with the gnome.

Wait. Last night I went to a party with 10+ kinds of salsa.

I will be on tour/vacation for the next five days. I may or may not keep you updated. I am currently tooling with the idea of having Mary take pictures of me laying across the rental car. It's a goddamned Mazda. I'm rich.

Upcoming Badlands shows:

3/24 Oakland, CA - Avant Garde Tuesdays @ The Uptown 1928 TELEGRAPH AVENUE 9PM NO COVER

3/25 Vancouver, BC - 4 drummers plus noise by 3 x 3, Badlands (portland), whip of the UFO @ The cobalt 917 main st 10PM $5


Cari said...

Tyler just found one of your gifts in the bookcase!

Bowen said...

How the F are you driving from Oakland to Vancouver in time to play that show?

suzette. said...

i hate driving.