Friday, April 24, 2009

mary did it


suzette. said...

That P. Brosnin lipper pic is giving me Lyla 4 Ever flashbacks.

morgan said...

I was wondering what all those PA's were doing all we need are some stunt cats.

Mary said...

Rhiana-zombie is sooooo terrifying and wonderful! I picture her being maybe 7 feet tall and made of teflon.

Also, Julia Roberts touched my heart with her offer to really 'embody' the role, even with some of the harder stunts.

Tears and applause. I'm giving it a standing 'O' from the afterlife.

Cari said...

I found Petey. Where's my money?

Also, "symyth" is the word verification I have to type in for this post. I think this is God at work or some other kind of faerie sprinkles. Anyway, what are you doing?