Friday, May 8, 2009

quit puking on me

An essential part of customer service seems to be the ability to intake and regurgitate the most horrifying of phrases. Or rather I often run into people who excel at CS because of this ability. I don't know if it's the customers that are truly unbearable as much as these regurgitators. After a period of time a customer base grows to expect regurgitators like one may expect to be slimed at Nickelodeon Studios.

My dad says people need us to say this bullshit to them.
He says, "People need to hear your 'Good Morning' so they know from the tone of your voice that you're not about to go postal."

This example alone illustrates that I was not raised with the correct mindset to withstand onslaughts of conversations On the Validity of Quentin Tarantino's Films & Are You Wearing A _____ T-shirt or Man Refers to Himself As A Pussycat and We All Try to Deftly Extricate Ourselves Unscathed/Unengaged? This should be so natural.

I don't want to do this shit anymore.

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morgan said...

I think jo has some squirrel milk in the fridge...