Monday, November 9, 2009

Me and Man

If I broke up words into one word. Said thought that word could stand. Said man would look at the word, from cel pho and txt txt txt txt non.
From circle x circle x circle x lov lov lov non. Said it would be okay, that he would look, lis-ten and und-rest-and. That he would try to look. If we got him out away chair, out away net and disinterested in com-pan, ionship, con-sum, ption or for-na, cating. Said all these things would happen and he would look at word instead of mortgage on brain or sex on brain or if this empty neighborhood is really right. on the up and up and safe for me, a genderless infinite male pronoun. Word as genesis, without addition.
What would make me to be believed? Why couldn’t anyone say it? A man in glasses already told, tried and true, our world is killing us.
So are so willing to have hope? Are on a road, rolling in green grass think it will always be in cemetery, in sun? Les hav a picnic!
With one word,
not by beach nor shore. Not park nor sun, not a blanket. It is a word. We have already agreed on one. So without an egg, and without nature. No tomato. It is a sad affair like this but no it will be great when you see the word there and blinking. It will certainly be appreciated,
but what will be commu, nicated? He sees the word death and thinks of all the people who have died. Flowers, he would rather look at the flowers. He tells me.
I say, "In the future this may be all we have. People seem quite infatuated with it." And he spits.

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Anonymous said...

I like this lots. I want to know how you make this writing style come out, because I often/always fail at it. Also, Malena is a last name for manly men. Just sayin.