Sunday, April 18, 2010

Evan Johnson January 1, 1980 - April 16th, 2010

Yesterday my friend Evan died of an asthma attack. He was a wonderful musician. My favorite band of his was Genders, very influential on me at the time. I still listen to them regularly. I remember Genders practicing in my basement, shaking the house in time different than the trains that passed next door.

I don't remember meeting Evan. I do remember when he pushed his sneaker into mine and I looked up. Side by side, on his other foot was some sort of bedroom slipper.
"Are you wearing an oven mitt?" I asked.
He smiled.

I knew him by then. He was my friend. We talked about the bonnets/clothes he sewed and skateboarding. I thought the bonnet was about being insecure, but it was really to protect his hair from the rain he told me, "or vice versa or vice versa."
He mistook me for the sort of girl that knows about sewing because at the time most of my shirts were sewn contraptions. Really we were about the same skill. Really he was better than me.

There was, back then, a rotating set of boys who hung around my house, laying on the floor listening to Lightning Bolt. I realize this has always been, a soup of men living with me by the train tracks. For Evan I tried to open my eyes wide enough to understand him, let in all the light. He gave off a lot of light.

You will get to be what you want to be.

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