Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Memorable instances where I heard "Gold Digger" by Kayne West and what I thought about them:

I was standing in line at the store with prostitutes. This liquor store advertised the cheapest liquor prices in our entire state. I wasn’t so sure this was a good idea. It had a constantly rotating snack selection because they only bought what they could get deals on. Once I bought a bag of chips I thought could only be gotten on the west coast. I maintain this, actually. Guacamales. I was buying some Kessler, very cheap whiskey with a gold label theme. All the girls swayed to the song, mouthing and singing like incredible fish. I noted the ratio of pimps to prostitutes was 1:1.

The most attractive professor leaned against his desk and tried to explain the 21st century’s evolving perception on time.
“You see, I can listen to this Gold Digger song right now and then a year or two from now I’ll hear it in a club and I’ll remember all the stuff going on at that time. The person I felt this way about, what was happening with my friends, with my job, my emotions.”
I thought, “He goes to clubs?”

I was in a nightclub in LA and the entire male population grabbed their crotches in unison to shout the verse, “We want prenupt!”

I heard it in the car and it reminded me the most handsome professor had really cute sneakers that he rarely tied.

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