Friday, May 7, 2010

The Bammer

My friend Mary Defreese turned me on to the short (20 episode) epic journey of one Maria Bamford via The Maria Bamford Show. This youtube preserved gem is a show that crams all the jokes of a thirty minute episode into five. For a person as nervous about their time-use as I am, this is ideal.

I HAD entertained ideas of appearing cool in front of my new roommate, but Sunday night found me same as always: watching funny shit on my computer and doing Russian flash cards.

Attention must be drawn to Bammer's ability to create scenes with no sets and costumes. She relies entirely on varying camera angles and her own impressions. It's pretty wonderfully stripped down. ALSO what scenes she does create are often bizarre exercises in extreme comfort (see above/below). This is probably partly commentary on Minnesota and partly reference to the character's delicate mental state.

Here's the link to the first epidose. You can find your way from there.

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