Friday, June 18, 2010

Still Ill

She had this old Betty White style of haircut. It was immediately obvious, even over the phone. The plan was that she had this huge outstanding debt and she wanted me to take over the payments. I think there was some sort of capitol involved but mostly she was sitting in a room with a telephone and the man to whom she owed the payments. She was desperate, trying to use a light acquaintance with my mother as leverage.
I was talking to someone about something dull when she called again.
"Hold on," I said to Penter and walked outside to pick-up. "Hello, listen I'm not taking this on. It's stupid and stop calling me, you manipulative shrew. You really don't think I can see exactly what you're trying to maneuver me into doing?"
I threw my phone into the window of a curbside car. It bounced into the road. I wasn't sure if I felt better.
Penter tried to pick up my phone.
"Leave it. LEAVE IT!" I said and slapped his hand.

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