Friday, June 4, 2010


*the author of this comic thinks most people smell like ham.


Cari said...

You can totally bring that shit on the plane in a baggie. I seen it done.

That being said, this is another winner.

Nick said...

I almost lost a flask full of Woodford Reserve once this way. Nothing is funnier than a line of TSA inspectors each taking a whiff of my leather bound desk flask and asking me, with a suspicious eye, what I had in there. I wanted one to take a pull so bad and cap a punch line on the whole absurdest tableau. And then, on the door was a HOOK. True story. Except that last part about the HOOK. I made that up or saw it in a Dustin Hoffman movie or something.

suzette. said...

WAIT are you telling me that I can take my full flask on a plane? I can't take a bottle of shampoo but scotch is fine??

Cari said...

nono, you have to dole it all out in 2 ounce bottles. Katie did this on the way to Berlin, the TSA guy complimented her on her ingenuity.

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