Wednesday, August 18, 2010

blood on your spacesuit

Blood On Your Space Suit: The phrase is, "You have to get blood on your spacesuit."
Grant Morrison references it in New X-men (141, I think?) as a phrase which traps the mind, a lock groove if you will. I forget where it originates. The idea behind the phrase has certainly locked me down a few times. The proposition is that people/things have to die/get hurt for progress to come to pass. I have to say I don't think you have to get blood on your spacesuit for progress to come. Certainly not someone else's. I'm aiming for 100% because I was raised by a group of people who thought it was possible to NEVER EVER MAKE MISTAKES. It's a tight rope, a pairing down of imperfections and I'll never give up on 100%. That said I do think progress calls for dirty fingers. I'd prefer to get my own blood on my spacesuit than someone else's. Also, in the future we'll have super medicine like in star trek so this sort of shit will be totally fine. What's a little blood in zero G?

I'm still pretty sold on people learning to do without things they don't need, and being careful with one another as great solutions to world hurt. I recently gave my mother The World According to Garp before I remembered how much sex is in that book. In any event it's in the past and my mother is most certainly a grown woman, able to put down a book if she finds it to be distasteful.

Garp was the favorite book of my old room mate and long time friend Jami Thompson. I watched the movie at her house and witnessed a Robin Williams I had never imagined, floating somewhere between Mork and Mrs. Doubtfire. Who is this man? The main thing about the book that struck me was the character's imploring cry, "Be careful!" Recently I have been trying to move with intention instead of the 'accident as intention' thing. Being careful is not simply a consideration of others. It is looking for what you want instead of looking for what is available.

So now I am thinking about nature and this gold part of my mind I use to do things like write music and make stories. Of course such things must exist in balance. I admit I over-think so badly I often end up stagnant for lack of information. I still think this is better. Various always complain the change moves slowly, but I like a slow-moving roller. I like slow-moving everything with the possible exception of rock and roll.

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I also vote for slow-moving-everything! - Ellen