Friday, September 24, 2010

little fiction

what did i do today? i breathed? i walked around. i shitted. what did you do today.

what did they cost me? they cost me five fingers.

yeah yeah yeah

say the question and then answer it. it's alright. it's okay.

well where do you do your laundry?

i went and met P--- and we went to trader joes.
no she's actually a little more liberal than you are on that front. some people are a little more liberal than you are.
well then i guess i better go donate plasma tomorrow.
you're staining your back deck. you're staining your back deck. wait, do you know how to do that and how long does it take?
i'm just the way god made me. enjoy it. wait and see. the magic is going- the magic is about to happen.
you're just jealous.
you know what? i'm as free as a bird. i'm a homeless bum. and what? you've got a mortgage and a car payment that's never gonna go away?

oh? oh!? feisty!
you're a hypocrite.
well, my schedules wide open. i can do anything i want on monday and you've got to go kiss someone's ass.
no, i'm not. not, i'm not- no, i'm not. i'm going to transform. i'm going to radically transform my life.
because i have magic powers
i'm not begging for your help

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