Thursday, December 2, 2010


A little while ago I had to do a collaborative project with someone from the short story emphasis of my program. The collab was supposed to be anonymous but the story I had to adapt was published in a previous issue of Razorcake. Razorcake, hunh?
I had three pages worked out, but the third page turned out awkwardly. I eventually scrapped all of my drawings and did a simple, one-page comic about the story. The story was about a dude who named his cats Tits and Ass. You can read it here: Live Nude Karma

I think all of the stories and their comic adaptions are being collected into a zine called Adaptations. Some of the people from my program will be presenting at The Waypost (3120 N Williams) on Friday (tomorrow) from 7-9PM. Last night my instructor asked me if I wanted to practice and I said I'd just rely on my natural charm. Thus far, everything else about last night has proven a mistake so I have no doubt my ten minutes of fooling with an overhead are going to prove spectacular. Please join us.

This is the 2nd page from the version I destroyed. I'm pretty stoked on these kittens.

This was the end result.

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