Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long Regrets

I've been away. I was finishing a comic about Oregon Woman Suffrage for The Dill Pickle Club. These fellows took advantage my ability to draw very very fast and I finished working as many swear words and fart jokes into this clever tale of Oregon being the last state in the union to allow women to vote in a little less than a month. JESUS. Join me for the epic release at the Oregon History Comics Release Party. For my issue I drew no fewer than 13 guns. Can you find them all?

The above grass is from Lars Von Trier's VHS Cassette masterpiece, Medea. I am doing a comic about it for a Fanzine I'm making with fellow Von Trier obsessed pal Sean Christensen. It is going to be stunning. Von Trier's Melancholia recently unseated my previous favorite film Primer.

So I think we're all caught up? Recently, I taught myself how to make GIFs.

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