Friday, April 20, 2012

You will find it in that brass thing in the dining room over in the corner by the basket of kittens. -Samuel Clemens 

Vonnegut was chosen as a leader of the POWs because he spoke some German. After telling the German guards "...just what I was going to do to them when the Russians came..." he was beaten and had his position as leader taken away.

I thought that story about men being able to suck their own dicks was really insightful and beautiful.
What if the only great thing about enlightenment is that it is a life goal more readily and less fortuitously available than wealth/power?

Mattie Ross/Ranger Le Boeuf slash fiction.

 My body is like a mother that made too much snot.

We've been putting birth control in the Girl Beer.

We're going to have to redo sentence structure to include likes.

In Breaking the Waves prayer works, but like a monkey's paw.

I don't know if I can tell the story of the doomed children with jam on their faces in just three panels.

As I get older I begin to wonder if the men I once thought were thinking against the grain are really just sort of pedo.

To be interested in art history is to be insulted.

How this woman feels about poop Virgin Mary is how I feel about 76% of classic literature.

I must eat all the pie I can before they figure out I'm an imposter.

A restroom littered in paper fragments and a dead spider lingering like a promise.

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