Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Magazine Time

Spring/Summer articles:

Comic: How To Design Week

The Drug-Fueled Insanity - Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam

Sad Truckers and Newspaper Lifers - CoHo Productions'The Few

Shelley McLendon interview - Wes Anderson, Snacks, and the Aces' New Show, National Forest

The Hazy Nostalgia of Papa: Hemingway in Cuba - I'll Watch Anything With Giovanni Ribisi In It

Straight to Video (Tonfa!) - Seven Years of Tim Goodyear's Movie Zine

Allie Hankins' Art Machine - Stand-Up Meets Performance in Now Then

Picks for Linework NW: Sophie Franz and Lindsay Anne Watson

Lindy West, Slayer of Bullies - The Author of Shrill Heroically Melds Comedy with Feminism

Tube Tips for Summer Floating - Hit the River with Confidence

Miss U.S. of Heya - Local Comics Artist and Author of My Boyfriend Walt Whitman Menorah Horwitz Presents Her Latest

Risk.Reward Festival of New Performance - The Festival of New Performance Takes on Identity and Diaspora

Lisa Hanawalt's Lessons in Reverse-Centaur Appreciation - The Foodie Hijinks and Horse People of Hot Dog Taste Test

The Day We Thought Jeff Goldblum Died - It Was the Saddest Day in History

Equals - Romance... in the Future! It Involves Breathing on Each Other.

Bruce Nauman - Language Body: An Evocative Glimpse into the Artist’s Expansive Career

Remembering Meticulous Comics Artist Geneviève Castrée Elverum

Stumptown Improv Festival:
Day 2 at the Stumptown Improv Fest: Sunday Service’s Pit Crew, Tunnel’s Take on Aggressively Nude Children, and More
Day 3 at Stumptown Improv Fest: Holy Shit, North Coast! and Suzette Finally Meets King Quince

Monday, November 23, 2015

Illustrated Guide to Growing Your Armpit Hair

From the Portland Mercury's Madonna Issue

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Magazine Time

Here are some articles I wrote in the Spring/Summer:

Comic! - How to Get Someone to Take You to the River

Comic! - A Terrible Book, Reviewed in Doodles: Dirty Rush by "Taylor Bell"

Comic! - A Terrible Pretty Okay Book, Reviewed in Doodles: Rachel Brathen's Yoga Girl

Neal Stephenson's New Space Epic - Seveneves Is His Most Accessible Book to Date

Cryvergent - Things Get Emo in Insurgent

Sketchtastic! - The Aces Are at the Top of Their Game in For Your Pleasure

All Good Things - When Marnie Was There: The Last Movie from Studio Ghibli?

Risky Business - The Uncompromising Lidia Yuknavitch

Haints Stay: Colin Winnette Takes Us to His Spooky West

New Books - Indie Comics Masters Anders Nilsen and Marc Bell

Dark Places Is Kind of Like Gone Girl (Except Bad) - Everyone in This Movie Is Getting Typecast

Monday, April 13, 2015

Name Bargains

name bargaining - Suzette Smith
perhaps now would be a good time to encourage you to pre-order my new comic from Sparkplug’s spring catalog: http://sparkplugcomicbooks.com/shop/comic-books/ceze/