Sunday, July 15, 2012

Steinberg Exhibit at YU

I went and saw the Saul Steinberg exhibit at Yale Union. It was so easy. Exhibition hours are Thurs-Sat 12-8pm. There's a suggested $5 donation and a really boss accompanying pamphlet.

I told Sarah about my theory that people have always felt obsessed with cats but have only recently been able to share their feelings with one another on a truly grand scale (the internet). Sarah wondered if the increased access to cute cat photos has had any noticeable effect on cat show attendance numbers.

This one was my favorite - County Noises
Honorable mention for favorite - Odd Couples

The exhibit ends August 10th. I highly recommend it. It was square in the butt of my interests but seems pretty translatable to persons interested in New Yorker cartoons, 2-D art, page layout design, print publication illustrations, American history and/or an artist's changing body of work over time.

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